March 19, 2017

How to Make an Entrance

Whether one is a hero arriving to save the day, a villain arriving to ruin someone's day, or simply trying to make a good first impression, making a memorable entrance is crucial. In case you need inspiration, here are some of the most memorable anime entrances.
Here, Naruto makes his entrance as the magnificent Toad Sage of Mt Myoboku. One realises at this moment that he is no longer the village brat. No, he is now the village hero.
Indeed, Naruto has made a number of heroic entrances ...

always accordance with this philosophy.

Guy also makes a very dynamic entrance.

When Madara arrives, one knows one is in for a rough time.

All Might certainly knows how to make an entrance ...
even if it is just to teach a class.

Of course, not having superpowers is no disability to making a memorable entrance ...
especially if one has chunibyo ...

or if one is just a total badass.

Still, magic definitely helps.

Or one could just be Saitama ...

or Goku.

Of course, some characters do not need flashy moves to make an effective entrance. They rely on sheer class.

It can thus be seen that there are many different ways to make a memorable entrance.

What, for you, is the most memorable entrance in anime?

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