July 7, 2017

Welcome to WonderfulSubs!

Greetings and welcome one, welcome all to WonderfulSubs! I am RedNinjaX (or you can simply call me "Red"), the owner of this site, and I'd like to introduce you to our lovely little home and our mission that aims to benefit people like you and to help contribute to the anime industry.

So what exactly is this "WonderfulSubs" thing?

Just gonna quote from the about page here:

"WonderfulSubs is a glorious place to get informed of the latest and greatest in the Anime and Manga world as well as a place where anime fans can meet fellow anime fans!

WonderfulSubs (or WS for short) was formerly a chatroom for anime fans and others alike. Our new mission is to deliver quality Anime related content to you in a more engaging way than traditionally done on other sites. An essential part of that mission is to help bring the Anime community closer together and to support the Anime industry however we can."

So what does this mean? Simply put, we are an anime based site that will cover anime news, reviews, interactive discussions, and other anime/manga related topics but with a more social aspect to it where we encourage users like you to join in on the fun by being active around the site and our other forms of social media. We will be hosting plenty of giveaways throughout the years of anime related products such as t-shirts, action figures (i.e. nendoroids), Crunchyroll memberships, you name it. We are always looking for recommendations on what our audience would be most interested in trying to win next, so please don't be afraid to suggest anything to us ;)

Alright cool. Free body pillows. But how will you "support" the anime industry?

Premium HentaiHaven subscriptions! The anime industry does not like to accept offers such as donations directly, so we are doing the next best thing; consistently buy products and services from licensed anime product distributors (i.e Crunchyroll, The Good Smile Company, etc) and give them away to our audience for free as well as spread awareness of anime/manga media through the articles that we write on the site. It's a win/win for the anime industry and for you!

We use Disqus for our commenting system here on WonderfulSubs and it's a large part of our social integration on the site, so we encourage everyone to sign up for an account in order to engage with the rest of the community.

With that said, we have a Chatroom! You can visit the WonderfulSubs Chatroom to chat and share anything with others. It's the perfect place to meet people and make new friends! You can access the chatroom at anytime using the "CHAT" button above. We also have a neat little anime discovery tool feature that generates random anime videos which can help you to find new anime to watch! Check it all out at wonderfulsubs.com/chat

Also we have a Discord server that you can join here: https://discord.gg/czm7BPv

Be sure to check out the WonderfulSubs Disqus channel too! Here you can create your OWN Anime related discussions for others in the community to engage in yourselves. It's basically our version of a forum except more user friendly. Create your first post at wonderfulsubs.disq.us

And how could I forget the people that made this all possible? Our staff! Our staff are big anime fans themselves! So don't be afraid to speak to us as we are friendly people (most of the time). I promise we don't bite! (Well except DoughnutGuy, he'll bite you for sure, but he's also a very punny guy)

I'd like to thank the WS staff and the various anime community members around the net who have contributed in helping make this launch possible. If it weren't for you guys and gals, we'd be nothing.

Okay. Now what?

Well so with that I welcome everyone to the WonderfulSubs community! We are currently having a t-shirt giveaway (Enter here) so I recommend entering that and give yourself a chance at winning a free t-shirt! Aside from that, remember to introduce yourself to others, engage in conversations, and most importantly, have fun.

Your friend, Red.


Owner of WonderfulSubs

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