July 7, 2017

WonderfulSubs Anime T-shirt Giveaway!

To celebrate our launch we are kicking it off with a t-shirt giveaway! (Yay!) One lucky winner will get to choose one out of five t-shirt designs to show off (or not. Hey, it's your call).

Here are your five choices:

Choice 1. Back To Back Rem and Ram Crew Tee- Re:ZERO

Choice 2. Elizabeth Face Tee - Gintama

Choice 3. All Might Black Tee- My Hero Academia

Choice 4. Bananya Crew Tee

Choice 5. Re:Zero Subaru Jacket Men's Tee

Along with the default ways you can enter here, you can also increase your chances of winning by being an active commenter on WonderfulSubs.com (we use Disqus for our commenting system, so you must use the same email that you used to sign up for this contest with Disqus or vice versa). Giveaway ends on August 6, 2017.

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