August 21, 2017

Stop Chuuni-abuse!

This is a public service announcement. There is a scourge afflicting our community. It is called chuuni-abuse. Did you know that six out of every seven chuunis will suffer abuse during their chunibyo phase? It is happening right under our noses, and it is up to all of us to stop it.

 Working together, we can wipe out chuuni-abuse in our lifetime. 

Only you can prevent chuuni-abuse. If you see a chuuni being abused, what will you do?
If you think you may be abusing a chuuni, please reach out to us. Chuuni-abuse is not okay: but it is okay to ask for help.
What do you think are the causes of chuuni-abuse? What can we do to stop it? Can you think of any other instances of chuuni-abuse in anime? Join the discussion below.

We are petitioning Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe to take immediate action to stamp out chuuni-abuse. Sign the petition here.


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