January 29, 2019

WonderfulSubs for Kodi Add-on BETA Sign Up

Hello weebs fellow anime lovers! To those of you who are new I welcome you to WonderfulSubs, a new site aiming to become the best in Anime entertainment out there.

From the creator and volunteers behind the popular 9anime Kodi add-on, DxCx and company, we are announcing a public beta test for a new anime add-on in development: WonderfulSubs - Anime Subs & Dubs for Kodi.

WonderfulSubs for Kodi contains vast improvements over the 9anime add-on, including but not limited to:
- Having the largest database of anime out of any add-on or site on the web.
- Multiple sources for a majority of series and episodes to choose from, with more coming in the future. Sometimes of differing qualities ranging from Full HD to SD.
- Fast and smooth UI and video playback, especially compared to the 9anime add-on.
- Support for login and watchlist tracking from multiple services, with first class support for WonderfulSubs user accounts. You can sign up for one here: wonderfulsubs.com/signup
- Less add-on updates.
This add-on is the replacement to the 9anime add-on. Going forward, the 9anime add-on will be deprecated, and there are no plans to update it if or when it stops working.

I would like to thank developers DxCx and SwagOtaku for their hard work in creating this add-on and user romxuk for his supporting in backing it as well. I'd also like to thank the wonderful GitHub community that made this possible (seriously, you guys rock 🤘).

If you want to support the add-on, you can donate via crypto currency using the following addresses:
Bitcoin: https://blockchain.info/address/178TXgdrRrDerDNm1RtCcxzC3wKnnrF6iZ
Etherum: 0x0Ec93f7d7989D936f9ED698Be87a90F20ba0D641

If you would like to support WonderfulSubs and it's services you may donate to us via PayPal (payments made to our parent company, Red Divisions): blog.wonderfulsubs.com/donate

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You can sign up for the add-on beta program via the form below. You'll receive an email with each release containing a download link to the add-on along with information about the update. Make sure to whitelist emails from wonderfulsubs.com if you don't see the emails in your inbox.

For quick help and support you can contact us on our Discord server (instant access available on WonderfulSubs.com) and/or our subreddit.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment below.

Enjoy! 😁

Your friend, Red.

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