November 28, 2019

The Weeb on Thanksgiving

There was a weeb on Thanksgiving, and I saw for myself,
Not a creature was restful, not even Kami himself...
The smell of ramen lingered in the air,
And the scent of fresh weeb gave the neighbors quite the scare!
The nendoroids all nestled so snug on their shelf,
While the Funko Pop boggles its head, all by itself.
The new Dragon Ball poster that hung on the wall
Cast an eerie shadow over a Sailor Moon doll,
And the NEET grabbed his body pillow then proceeded to groan
Now the room filled with the sound of ahegao moans.

From anime to manga, with a true sense of joy,
The weeb fancied for a new present or toy.
From laptop to desktop he scrolled and he clicked,
And with a flick of his mouse off were his new gifts shipped!
No care for the world around him, not a girl or career,
The weeb merrily kept to his own brand of cheer.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Owner of WonderfulSubs

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